How relevant is the Apprentice?
15th June 2009
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The Apprentice was so riveting last week that we let our 9 year old stay up late to see it. I'm sure he'll learn a lot from watching (although we do tell him that it's not the right way to treat people, and I'll be interested to see what some of our management and leadership training experts, such as 4People, would have strong views on this type of leadership!)

The final task was particularly interesting as it involved chocolates. Our local Norwich chocolate and truffle makers supply handmade chocolates and truffles in a variety of flavours. They can also make bespoke chocolates for special occasions, so it was fascinating to watch the way the Apprentices decided on the ingredients. Interesting to see that the packaging was all-important and the flavour second. With our local Norwich chocolate makers - Saffire Chocolates and Norfolk Truffles - flavour and quality of chocolate definitely come first.

If, however,having watched the Apprentice, any businesses decide that perhaps your packaging needs refreshing, or their brand needs updating, our recommneded graphic designers all have experience in packaging design and branding, and are just bursting with ideas. (Literally bursting, if you see the latest pop up ideas!)

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