Help for Samurai Knight School in Norwich
13th February 2009
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One of our clients, Richard Vince of the Black Belt Academy, Martial arts school in Norwich, wrote to us this week asking for help from local people.

Through the Black Belt Academy, he works with teenagers in many schools to help improve self esteem and in September this year he will be starting a GCSE points bearing Martial Arts course for year 10 and 11 children. This course is aimed at the less academically able and is designed to help them to stay engaged with the school system. The academy is VERY good at getting through to teenagers who have not responded well to traditional forms of adult input.

Often the parents of the children who need their help the most, do not have enough money to pay for the tuition. The Academy bears the cost of 4 of these students at present but would like to be able to offer training to more young people who need their help.

Richard is part of a charitable organisation called 'The Self Esteem Team.' Over the past three years this organisation has applied for lottery funding to pay for 11 children/youths to learn Martial Arts at the BBA. Unfortunately, despite always reaching the last hurdle, the 'Samurai Knight School' project has been overlooked in favour of projects such as drama workshops, freshwater fishing, adventure holidays etc.

Richard has therefore decided to raise funds himself. He will be taking part in a 'Masters Boxing' tournament on April 4th 2009. This is a full evening of 'White Collar' and 'Masters' boxing (approximately 8 to 10 bouts) and will take place at The Holiday Inn, Norwich (North) the one by the airport.

Why is this of interest, you may ask? Well, it's not everyday that a former world kickboxing champion comes out of 15 years of retirement against a former ABA Boxing Champion, Neil Sturman. There is more information about Richard's career as a world kickboxing champion on his website

Richard is planning to raise money from ticket sales for the event and from sponsorship of eg business name on shorts, ringside corporate table ...

If you would like a ticket or want to find out more, you can contact Richard on or 07947 712555.

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