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13th May 2009
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Tripuri Dunne, the registered Reiki Healer and Metamorphic Technique Practitioner at The Complementary Health Care Clinic in Norwich explains a bit more about these complementary therapies:

"10 years ago people probably wouldn't have know what you meant if you said you were going for a Reiki treatment. Nowadays it's completely normal to walk past a health clinic or treatment room and see Reiki and Metamorphic Technique (Meta) on offer alongside chiropractic, massage, homeopathy and other highly respected and statutory regulated therapies.

Healing has always been part of human existence, existing in many forms and found in a multitude of traditions and cultures. From spiritualist Christian churches, Shamanic culture and Paganism to the current trend of availability in health clinics, beauty clinics and spas. Today, more and more people are waking up to the great benefits of this type of treatment.

Spiritual healing, of which Reiki could be considered one type, is the practice of transferring a subtle, invisible energy from one person to another. This energy is referred to as Qi (pronounced chee) in the Chinese traditions; Ki in Japan, Prana in Yogic practice and it is also known as many other terms including Life-force, or Universal Energy.

It is human nature to reach out and touch a person who is in distress, to hug someone who is upset and to hold hands with those you feel close to. These are all ways that we naturally pass on this Energy to one another - without even thinking about it! Healing is the art of becoming conscious of this transference and giving time and focus to the process.

In a Reiki session the client or receiver will simply sit or lie down in a comfortable position while the healer channels or transfers Energy (most commonly through their hands) to the client.

The basic principle behind this is that everybody has the ability to heal themselves; the body always knows how to balance itself out, it just sometimes needs a little encouragement or extra help. It is the role of the healer to direct this vital energy to the client and in doing so they are aiding and often speeding up the natural healing process. All you need to be able to do it yourself is to be attuned so you can be aware of the Reiki and use it yourself.

A typical treatment will involve a one-to-one session with your therapist in a quiet and comfortable room. As the client you will be seated or lying down; treatment takes place fully clothed and will usually last around an hour.

The therapist will place their hands slightly away from the body though some work may be done with the hands lightly resting on the body, and in a sequence of locations. Energy (Ki) flows from the healer and in to the clients body. The predominant feeling reported by clients is one of a soothing heat coming from the therapist' s palms and moving into and around the body.

Meta can invoke the same sensations, but the hands are on the body, and is performed through a very light stroking touch on the hands, head and feet. There are no known documented side effects to either Reiki or Meta, and both are incredibly relaxing.

As well as benefiting almost any physical condition or pain, Reiki and Meta will automatically touch the deeper mental-emotional aspects of a person. Clients often report improvements in energy levels, a great sense of relaxation and a general sense of well-being. These therapies can also be very helpful in treating psychological conditions.

Click here for more details about Tripuri Dunne and complementary therapy in Norwich.

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