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12th February 2010
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When we all sit down tonight and maybe crack open a bottle of wine or tuck into our evening meal we have lovingly prepared the last thing we would probably ever consider doing during that evening is give a single thought to insurance.

However, what I would like you all to do in the next few weeks and days ahead is to do that very thing.

Firstly in this initial Blog lets talk Home Insurance.

Unbelievably many people have no insurance for Buildings or Contents insurance.

We all put things to one side and when nothing untowards happens, we don't give it a second's thought, especially when it's perceived as extremely tedious (and some would say boring.)

Some people recently caught up in the major flooding that has taken place may have also not given insurance a second thought but when that water began to enter their homes I bet they wished they had.

Why not have a little think about what you possess, the clothes you own and the money you spent on them, the jewellery you have, or perhaps have been given by friends or relatives, furniture that you would have to replace, t.v's, music systems everything you have in the world.

Now imagine having nothing and it all gone.What would you do, how much time would it take you to accummulate it all again?

The cost to cover your hard earned possessions may be, in relation, extremely small and at the very worst must be worth giving us a call so we can give you an idea of cost. You can pay over a number of months using our various payment options.

The same goes for building insurance  - we can help you by giving you a leaflet  to fill in that takes you through your house helping you measure the true value to re-build your home and replace your contents room by room.

You have nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain at a premium that may surprise you.

We are local so you can get us easily on the phone or call in and see us for advice in Norwich City.

Now lets have a look at those who have given insurance a thought in the past but have not given much thought to it much since.

Insurance, to be of any use, has to be kept up to date, especially Home Insurance. Let it get out of date and if you need to make a claim then you could well end up a very disappointed person.

The condition of Average applies to many policies, that means that should you make a claim and that amounts you have insured are less than what they should be this may well result in you being paid out les than what you would have expected to be getting.

Remember most policies are New for Old and that means for the majority of your household contents you need to insure to replace as new and insure for that value.

With regards to the buildings its a re-build cost that is required in the majority of policies with an additional amount added for site clearance and Architectural drawings etc.

The simple method to get all this is to ask a professional broker to help you -that way we can guide you through and we can help do the thinking for you, leaving you to have another glass of wine or a pudding for dinner.

Don't be fooled to thinking  "it will never happen to us" -  it may - and you will be devastated.

Watch for our blogs in coming weeks, we will try to offer advice to you

and help whenever we can.

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