Do you want to appear on TV? ITV are looking for Norwich contestants.
6th July 2011
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If you fancy trying your luck then you must be over 18 to apply. Full terms and conditions can be found at

If you don't know anything about the Chase - here is a summary of the rules:

Cash Builder
Contestants have 1 minute to build up as much cash as they can by answering quick-fire questions.  Each question is worth £1000. 

The Chaser’s Offers
The amount won goes onto the board, three steps ahead of the Chaser.  If they want a bigger head start, they can start a step closer to home, but the Chaser will offer them a lesser amount. They can also start a step closer to the Chaser and will be offered a higher amount.

The Chase
Once the decision is made, every correct answer moves the contestant and their money one step closer to home. If they get a question wrong and the Chaser gets it right, the Chaser closes the gap. If they make it home safely, they go through to the Final Chase, but if they get caught, then they are out with nothing.

The Final Chase
Surviving contestants work as a team to answer as many questions as they can in 2 minutes.  For every contestant through to The Final Chase, they get an extra step head start on the Chaser.  They must then watch nervously as the chaser is given two minutes to try and catch them.  If the Chaser gets a question wrong and the team get it right, they have the chance to push the Chaser back one step.  If the chaser fails to catch the team, they win and split the prize fund between them.  If they are caught, they go home with nothing.

Are you up for the Chase?

Visit or e-mail

Let us know if you apply and how you get on and we'll broadcast it on twitter and facebook.

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