Do you have a pain in the neck?
22nd March 2010
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Have you got a pain in the neck?

It could be due to the time you spend on the telephone, say RPM solutions.

RPM are Norwich telecoms specialists and they say that research carried out by Surrey University and HB Maynard & co, shows that using a headset can dramatically improve efficiency and productivity in the office, sometimes improving productivity by up to 43%.

Using a headset reduces:

• Time taken to key in information or to reference material
• Errors made in typing or writing and
• Fatigue

The study also concluded that headsets allowed users to make significantly more calls per day than a conventional handset user.

"Phone neck" is an injury increasingly recognised by physiotherapists, and is caused by extended use of a telephone handset.

Holding a phone between head and shoulder for long periods can lead to long term damage.

The research quoted by RPM highlighted the fact that anyone spending more than 2 hours a day on the telephone could benefit from using a telephone headset.

Muscle tension leading to neck pain can be reduced by 31%* and back pain by 16%* when moving over to a handsfree option.

Combine this with a proven reduction in headaches and you may find that the overall likelihood of long-term absenteeism due to these complaints is radically reduced.

So, the message is loud and clear, using a telephone headset is the the easy and convenient way to increase both your health and productivity.

RPM have a wide range of unique headset models can advise on a solution that is right for you.

Please call 01603 861881 for more information or email:

And until you get your headset get some help to iron out your back and neck problems from one of our Norwich massage therapists, or complementary therapy specialists who can use a variety of techniques to help ease your muscle pain.


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