Comparison Website or a Broker?
16th February 2010
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We all have transport - cars,vans or motorcycles -and all these modes of travel need to be insured.

There are many questions that have to asked prior to a motor insurance quotation being given, all of which have a bearing on the premium and the terms offered for each risk.

With the influx of the Insurance Comparison websites, a great many people now attempt to get their own insurance quotations.

Unfortunately this has produced a few problems which people should be aware of.

The accuracy of answers is very important and people can inadvertantly put in the wrong details which means that their insurance policy may possibly be cancelled and any claim not dealt with.

Some people mis-read the questions e.g details are required of all motoring convictions - they then fail to put down details of convictions that are not on the driving license.

The second problem arises when people endeavour to manufacture an insurance premium suitable to them by missing out various facts that are vital to the underwriting process or simply lie e.g Who is the Main Driver? or Where is the vehicle parked overnight?

Another area that you may wish to check on is the Policy Excess.

There are two types of excess -  the Compulsory Excess that the majority of policies already have on them and a Voluntary Excess (where you say you agree to an additional excess in return for a discount.)

So, people think "Yes I don't mind paying the first, say £200" and "I will get a 5% discount of the price."

What they fail to realise is that lurking on the insurance policy there is already a £150 Compulsory Excess - therefore in the event of a claim they will have to pay the first £350.

So be warned and check your details.

This is why people sometimes say "a Broker couldn't beat the price" - we are not " batting on the same wicket".

It is all very well in this day and age just considering the bottom line price but it is worth contacting an insurance broker like ourselves - we can guide you to a policy to suit all of you, taking you through the pitfalls that lie in your path.

We could well not only get very close to the comparison website premiums but beat it on many occassions.

That way you support your local Norwich business and you have someone you can talk to or call or visit us at The Insurance Centre, Norwich.

So why risk problems - just call us and we will help you on anything to do with motor insurance.

Saving you time and money.

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