Clairvoyant in Norwich? Tina goes global.
13th February 2009
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It could only be a clairvoyant! Don't ask me how, but Tina, our resident clairvoyant in Norwich, can do distance readings; so when she went to New Zealand last month, she just carried on working.

Tina is unusual - she does reiki and crystal healing as well as psychic readings, so she looks at the whole person to find out the best way to help them. She even does flower readings - which I had never heard of before.

I was at a business conference last week with Tina and the speaker kept picking Tina out of the audience - when I spoke to him afterwards, I asked him about this and he said that he was just "drawn to her". So, if you feel "drawn" to find out more about Tina or to find out what her flower readings are about, or what crystal healing involves, have a look at her video on her website here.

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