Can this really be done? Can you really lose weight by reducing cravings rather than going on a diet?
24th September 2010
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OK, can you really lose weight without going to a slimming class or going on a diet?

This is what Linda McCroft of Tap Yourself Slim has been doing with her clients.

And the results bear this out.

"I lost six pounds over the programme. However, my emotional state is much better as is my health and vitality. I am still using the techniques taught, you would be silly NOT to. It has so many benefits it’s not just for slimming. Your self-esteem gets a high and you feel good doing it," says Keran, one of Linda's slimming class clients.

"I had a fantastic 10/12 weeks on the Tap Yourself Slim programme and lost 11lbs to achieve my target weight. I have met some fabulous people and I really enjoyed getting to know Linda who is a wonderful person." says Pippa, another of Linda's clients.

Now everyone posts testimonials for things like this, so what's different with Linda?

Well, the difference is that I have personally seen Linda to use the tapping technique (as used by Paul McKenna) to overcome a phobia and I personally know one of the people who has given these testimonials, so not only have I heard it direct from them, I've also seen the results as they've lost weight.

Linda firmly believes that for those who are overweight, the problem doesn’t lie with food, rather the problem is caused by emotions.

Those who constantly struggle with their weight often eat when they are not physically hungry and Linda teaches them to tell the difference between physical hunger; when the body is sending a signal that food is required and emotional hunger; when the mind is driven to eating as a way to soothe or numb disturbing or unsettling emotions.

When people learn how to tune back in to their body to differentiate between the different types of hunger and are equipped to deal with the emotions that arise, they feel better about themselves and weight is much easier to lose. 

The rather strange EFT tapping, which is based on meridian system used in acupuncture, offers an easy way to reduce the cravings which are the downfall of many attempts to lose weight. Linda finds over 85% of people throw chocolate and other craved foods or drink in the bin after tapping, with comments such as ‘it’s too sweet’, ‘it tastes like cardboard’, and of crisps, ‘they taste like cheap cooking oil’.

The programme has been running in Norfolk for three years and the first Suffolk based programme came about as word of mouth spread the success of the Tap Yourself Slim classes. 

Linda regularly runs free trial classes in Norwich, Attleborough and Bury St Edmunds to give people an idea of the approaches used. 

To find out details of the next free trial, you can give Linda a ring on 01953 458092.

It's worth a try - you have nothing to lose - except, of course, WEIGHT!

For more information about Tap Yourself Slim click here.


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