BeWILDerwood - A Great Day out near Norwich
30th May 2011
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In the heart of Norfolk lies a magical wood - a wood where adults turn into big kids and the little kids run around to their hearts' content.

This magical wood even has it's own stories interwoven into the trees. Spot the Boggle villages hiding in the woods, with their sweet, colourful doorways, walk the boardwalk through the swamp or be brave and take a boat ride to the scary lake. Watch out - you will jump!

Choose "This Way" or "That Way" and meander along the windy path to reach the delights that hide amongst the trees.

Wander around the woodland area, with cafe stops and storytelling along the way - and around each corner you will find some new adventure, whether it is a treehouse and rope walkways, slides for all ages (yes - there were quite a few grandparents running back for another go!) or a fantastic place to build dens.

This is what I love about BeWILDerwood.

Lose your children in the Tricky Tunnels - our 12 year olds spent 20 minutes just playing in these; or lose yourself in the maze! They have changed the layout, so yes, I did get a little lost! Tweeting from the maze, someone kindly tweeted me instructions on how to crack the puzzle, but my boys' map that they created as they went around, worked best.

The den building was the favourite. Such a simple concept - leave lots of branches out for the big kids and little kids to build dens in the trees.

Ours would easily have stayed there all day. We watched with amusement as two parents spent a good half hour building a den whilst their youngster wandered about, then as soon as they had gone, all the kids took great delight in knocking it down and grabbing the twigs for their own dens.

It takes a while to realise what is different about BeWILDerwood.

It's not just the quirky touches such as little houses in the trees, or the natural environment, it's the fact that there are no cars, no litter. There is no sound of cars or roads in the distance. Just natural woodland and waterways. BeWILDerwood has great staff, who all seem to love what they do, and who make sure that everything is kept clean and tidy, but I think people respect the place - from what I saw, they tend not to drop litter as much as they would in a more commercial environment.

There's definitely something special about BeWILDerwood.


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