Are you in the mood for clutter clearing?
29th March 2010
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The sun has started shining, showing up all the dust and lighting up those dark corners full of winter's clutter.

Oh no, the Spring Cleaning bug is starting to hit.

Cleaning is not my thing but even I can't stand staring at the dust on the surfaces and the smears on the windows. I can even see xmas tree needles in the gaps on the doorstep.

And along with the spring cleaning comes the urge to tidy up, to sort out the old and bring some order to your home.

In some cases, though, the task can seem enormous.

Imagine if someone could come into your home and sort out the clutter and clear the mess.

Wouldn't that be fantastic?

"In your dreams" you might say ..... but let me introduce you to Cassie the Clutter Clearer.

Cassie is like having your own fairy godmother when it comes to making your home somewhere liveable again, or getting your office operable.

Cassie is a professional de-clutterer. Based in Norwich, she owns "Working Order" and will come over to your home or office and help you to deal with  your clutter.

It's not about throwing everything away or buying lots of new furniture, it's not about making your home into a pristine showhome - it's about finding a place for everything, moving around the furniture you have got and making the most of your space.

Cassie can help sort through that pile of documents, she can put order into that room where you hide all your junk. (yes - you know - that room or cupboard where everything gets thrown when the in-laws come over).

But sometimes it's not just the practical things that Cassie helps with, sometimes our belongings have emotional baggage and Cassie is sensitive enough to understand this and to know when to step aside and when the time is right to help you clear away the past.

Cassie's help can be invaluable if you are making room for a growing family, if you are trying to create a home office space or just for occasional help when your clutter has just got too much for you.

What Cassie does is not about perfection - it's not about making sure all your CDs are in alphabetical order (although I'm sure she can do that if you need her to) - it's about making your space work for you, whether it's a family home or a workspace

Cassie can be contacted on 01603 880895 and if you're intrigued by what she does, have a look at the  before and after photos below.

This is what one of Cassie's clients has to say:

"... Every time I tried addressing my chaos I found myself in a state of catatonic panic... Cassie's humour, assertiveness and senitive persona was my "knight-ess in shining armour". We created an office (without losing bed space)... Cassie somehow "gave me permission" to throw things out or found sensible homes for everything. Rather than being "pulled down" by all the sorting and filing I found the whole experience fun and liberating... I now deal with my paperwork and enjoy it! It has been a real time saver. I would highly recommend anyone who is burdened down by clutter and disorder to get "Cassie'd"!"

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