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25th March 2010
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Many people are self-employed or own their own companies -  and they are involved in many types of business, from builders to cleaners, from 
scaffolders to bookeepers.

All of them should have a serious look at taking out Public Liability Insurance (if they haven't already got any).

If you are a one man/woman operation, you still need to have a Public Liability Insurance policy to cover you whilst you are undertaking your work. This will  cover damage to any Third Party property or person which you can be held responsible for.

If you employ people, then you need to cover those employees against injury for which you are also responsible. This is compulsory by law and is essential when carrying out your company's trade. Also they will need to be included for Public Liability cover for their actions.

Areas of concern are when people use sub-contractors  to help them
undertake certain jobs when they need additional assistance.  Cover
for these people needs to be looked at very carefully as, although they
may have their own seperate cover, they are possibly working under your direction. If something happens to them whilst doing that job it is you they may be looking to blame.

If the sub-cotractor has no policy of their own, or their policy has lapsed, then if an incident happens the customer will be looking not to them, but to you, for a possible claim.

So, in conclusion, if you are in business, even as a one man band, you will probably need Public Liability Insurance. The Insurance Centre in Norwich are perfectly placed to guide you as to the cover you need.

Don't try and cut corners with regard to your employees or sub-contractors because you could get into very expensive waters.

For your Insurance Liability requirements and sound advice, give me a call on 01603 605064, Philip Beckett.

In our next Blog we are going to tackle Professional Indemnity Insurance.


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