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31st August 2009
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Every so often we come across an idea that is absolutely brilliant.

Do you feel guilty about the amount of plastic waste that is produced? Even if you recycle plastic, the recycling process takes up a lot of resources. So what is the answer?

Well, one way we can all take a small step to help, whether in your home or office, is to re-fill and re-use bottles. This will help to cut down on plastic waste.

Swappit Clean in Wymondham, just south of Norwich, have come on board as a recommended business and their solution to this problem is to supply eco-friendly products, produced in the UK, to re-fill your household or business bottles.

They estimate that every UK household disposes of about twelve plastic cleaning bottles a month. This adds up to millions of bottles being disposed of each month, not even counting those used in businesses.

Talk to Ingrid about plastic and she will paint a picture of plastic filling the sea, plastic sand, plastic in the food chain - she is passionate about trying to solve the problems of plastic.

So how does their idea work in practice?

Well, you can either pop into their Wymondham branch and get a re-fill immediately, or, if you live further away, you can order online or by telephone and the products will be delivered. Once they are used up, you just collapse the bottle and return it in the pre-paid envelope to be re-filled. How clever is that?

They also cater for wholesale deliveries.

There is a double benefit when you buy from Swappit Clean - not only are you doing your bit for the planet, you are also saving money.

We are keen to support a local business such as this which has great green credentials and with scope for so much more, so are delighted to welcome them on board.

If you want more details, take a look at their web feature here.

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