A few hours of bliss
29th October 2010
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It's nearly Saturday, which got me thinking back to last weekend. It was a weekend when I felt strangely peaceful. Now why was that?

I think it had something to do with my visit to Sam Clarke of Therapy inc.

Sam had invited me to have a massage, which is her speciality, but because of a medical condition I can't have a full massage, so I opted for a Dermalogica facial instead.

Now, with Sam, you don't get an ordinary facial, it's a complete experience.

This minute you step into her therapy room the warmth embraces you

After going through the preliminary formalities about any medical conditions, Sam is very good at putting you at your ease by explaining what is going to happen.

I hate getting undressed for anything like this and, it might sound silly, but sometimes you're not sure how "undressed" you need to be. Sam took away any of this unease, by explaining in detail what you needed to do, and by timing to perfection the time you needed to get ready.

Often, when you have a facial, the therapist sticks a face mask on you at some point and disappears, leaving you lying there chilly, bored and wondering when they're coming back.

Not with Sam. Sam makes the experience pleasurable - she doesn't leave the room. Instead you experience the tharapyinc massage. Whilst the mask is working,  you get a wonderful neck and shoulder massage.

Usually the facial can be combined with a blissful, warm and relaxing foot massage. I opted for a hand massage, which was equally as blissful.

Sam's passion is massage, and she excels in using cutting edge massage techniques.

I could easily have spent all afternoon having my stresses soothed away by Sam's expert hands.

I am one of those people who finds it very hard to relax - Sam put me at my ease.

She told me that other therapists often refer people to her. One client who was referred to her by another therapist as she couldn't relax enough during a normal massage, relaxed so much with Sam, that she fell asleep! She now regularly comes to Sam for a massage and falls asleep.

Sam devotes her whole attention to you - you won't be aware of a time constraint. You won't find people waiting their turn outside, or have to wait your turn. It's just you.  You and a few hours of bliss.

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