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22nd February 2013
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Gary Cockaday is the owner of a fantastic Norwich / Dereham based business - the 4Sports Group that supplies sportswear, workwear, schoolwear, trophies and promotional gifts - there's a lot going on in his business.

Gary had always been involved in local sports groups and when it came to ordering their teamwear, he had such frustrating experiences that he decided to set up his own business offering teamwear and sportswear.

This was a complete change in career, but Gary's skills gained from his background in finance, have come in handy.

What makes Gary different is his attention to quality and customer service. People often come to him when they have been let down badly by another supplier and Gary pulls out all the stops to get their order to them in time, even if it means working all the hours available. These clients then tend to become very loyal to Gary and his team.

So, what is it really like to run this type of business?

Here is Gary's diary of a (perhaps not so typical) week.

"What a week; where do I start …

Friday 9.20pm having closed the workshop at 9.10, another 14 hour day, I answer my home phone to the legend ‘the alarm has been activated at’

Three of us jump into our various cars heading back to the shop (observing the speed limits!) to be greeted by blue flashing lights – the police had arrived within 3 minutes, time enough for the *** to empty the till and turn over a few drawers

The boys and I slept in the unit that night having pulled a carpenter out at 11pm to make it safe...

Since then we have supplied coasters, pens, note pads, football & cricket kits together with trophies and lots of workwear adding 3 new clients along the way.

We have designed a new club crest for one of our new teams, the brief being a parrot but cricket influenced … a few hours later we have a lovely crest of a parrot about to attack a cricket ball :) resulting in a very happy team who proceeded to order their new strip!


Summary … as ever we reach the end of a week with all deadlines met, wondering how quickly time disappears.

Looking forward to a day off – that said we are considering running a Sunday workshop this week, with orders taken today ranging from a new start pub to the legendary Marshall Amp!"

Look out for more of Gary's blogs - A Life in the Day of... as we follow him in his daily business life.


Sara Greenfield


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