A day in the life of a Clairvoyant.
8th October 2008
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An odd couple of days...... I was expecting a client on Monday morning so I prepared my room, whilst I was waiting for their arrival the phone rang and Dyna Rod wanted to come and check the plumbing on the bath, they said they were 10mins away. I explained I would be busy for at least an hour and half and they said no worries they would just get on with the job in hand.
The phone rang again and someone needed a listening ear, again I explained I had a client due, so would have to go when I heard the door. We chatted for some time and I realised that over half an hour had passed and no client. (and no Contractor either!) I tried to contact them and as their phone no was in my emails and the laptop had gone back for some repair I was a bit stuck!!.

Nothing could be done so I got on with the day..

On Tuesday I was up bright and early to attend the Colman chapter BNI meeting and as I had a couple of hours before my first appointment, I decided to venture into the city to attend to some business afterwards.

I had to drive past my home and got the feeling I needed to go home, Now although in my line of work I'm always encouraging people to listen to their promptings and intuition, I overrode the thought as I knew once home I would get busy and then not have the time to clear up the things in town.

When I returned home the post man had been and jammed in the letterbox was a parcel which with a bit of wiggling was removed. I immediately thought this is why I had got that urge to return home. On the answer phone there were two messages, one from the client, who had arrived for her appointment and wondered whether she had the wrong day and one from the contractor who had called the day before and as I wasn't home wanted to confirm I would be today, I explained I had been home all day so they must have gone to the wrong house.. I ask myself - was there a time slip ? or just the days got jumbled!!

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