10 Tips for Picking a Good Hairdresser in Norwich
8th August 2013
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We have been running The Best of Norwich for well over 7 years now, and in all that time hairdressers in Norwich have been one of the top services that people have been searching for on the web.

I thought it was a national interest, but on talking to our tech team, it appears that it is very much a Norwich thing. I don't know why people here are searching for hairdressers more than people anywhere else, but that being the case, it's a good thing that we have some fantastic Norwich hairdressers on board for them to choose from, all with glowing reviews.

So, how do you pick the right hairdresser? 

Here are our top tips, gleaned from years working with our Norwich hairdresser clients:

1. Employed Stylists - look for a hairdressing salon where they don't rent chairs. The salons featured here all employ their stylists.

2. Training and Development - look for a hair salon where the stylists are continually trained, both in-house and at respected academies around the country.

3. Ambience - look for a salon that has a style and ambience where you feel comfortable - pop in first to see whether you feel comfortable there. They all have a different atmosphere.

4. Hairstyles Do you want a particular type of hair style? Do you want a retro hair style, wedding hair, extensions, modern, traditional, cutting edge? Pick a salon that specialises in the style that you are looking for.

5. Colour - does the salon do a skin test and offer a free consultation? What products do they use?

6. Online booking - are you the sort of person who likes to be able to book online? Both Hooloovoo and John Olivers offer online booking.

7. Reviews - what other people say about the salon is often the deciding factor. All of the Norwich salons that we feature have hundreds of reviews from local people. Many of the salons have reviews from people who travel from outside Norfolk to get their hair done in Norwich because they like the salon so much. John Olivers also has reviews from people who have been coming to them for 20 or even 30 years. This doesn't mean that they aren't trendy. They are very much up to date with current styles, but they have a big team, so are able to offer a range of services to suit everyone, from the student to the business person, from children to the more mature in years.

8. Eco-friendly - is the environment an important consideration? Are organic treatments important (Orb Organic Hair), along with the use of eco-friendly towels (Orb or Hooloovo).

9. Location - do you want a salon close to where you live or work? Do you want a busy high street salon, or a salon in a quiet back street. John Olivers have salons in two central Norwich locations, one in the quieter Elm Hill and one on the lively Red Lion Street, Hooloovoo, Garner and Impact are both situated in the Norwich Lanes, and Orb Organic Hair is situated in the quieter back streets behind Newmarket Road.

10. Cleanliness - especially important when dealing with something as personal as your hair.

You can find details here of all the hair salons that are mentioned, along with reviews from local people.

If you know of a good hair salon in Norwich that should be included in this list, please let us know - just email norwich@thebestof.co.uk

Author: Sara Greenfield

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