And so begins Half Term!
26th October 2009
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I have to say it's nice having a less frenetic start. Sleepy child lay in, having watched and danced her way through X Factor. She supports Danyl Johnson and was disgusted that he was in the last two. Of course she was then euphoric when he remained in. And I mean 'jumping up and down on the sofa' euphoric. Quite exhausting to watch 9pm on a Sunday night. X Factor is a rollercoaster of emotions in our household!

Whizzed up the A1 to Newark after a jog with 'H' the dog. And had coffee with Andrew Hardy at Trent Galleries. I love this art gallery on Chain Lane. Andrew has the coffee on, classical/ jazz/chill out music playing in the background and all around you are beautiful paintings by Madjid, Antonio Iannicelli, Mario Sanzone and Talantbek Chekirov. No, I didn't know anything about these artists before but I am learning and will show off at a later date! More about Trent Galleries over the next few weeks.

Back to earth with a bump as I cheated and took Nats to 'I'm Lovin it' MacDonalds for lunch. She managed to get a Happy Meal balloon which meant relative peace for the rest of the afternoon. Quite proud that she can spend a couple of hours running around with something so simple and enjoy herself. No Wii, no X box, no TV, no computer.

And I have managed to dambust my way through copy whilst peace reigns. We have now made it to 4.09pm! If you are struggling, I hope you can lose yourself in these gorgeous pictures!

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