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11th October 2011
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Cortisol is a hormone released by the adrenal gland in times of stress - it’s a stress hormone. It helps reduce inflammation and helps us through physically stressful events in the short term. But in the long term, too much stress hormone can lead to problems such as; decreased immune system, decreased tissue repair, increased depositing of fat, lowered bone formation (think osteoporosis), water retention and unfortunately, most of us have it.

The good news is that it has been shown that deep tissue massage does reduce the level of stress hormones, without the side effects that long term medication can bring about.  Massage is not an indulgence, it’s a very healthy thing to do - scientifically proven- and if there’s one thing you need to do its take care of yourself..  Keep yourself healthy, because nobody else is going to do it for you.

Use massage for stress reduction and stay healthy!

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