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11th January 2019
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It is said and believed that “A doctor needs to spend eighteen hours a day for seven days a week” to put up with their superhero work. The cost of saving one life remains to be the most impeccable thing on earth. Although you love your profession from the bottom of your heart, it's quite prodigious when you get to do that every day. Isn't it?

Being a doctor isn't any easier. Studying for a couple of years, attending medical camps and conferences, putting up with your patients, rushing in for surgeries and emergencies. Seems fidgety, right?

With all those challenges you have to overcome, do you find sufficient time to look into scheduling your patients at the clinic? Obviously nope.

Though you have a manager at your desk, answering patient’s calls and registering them on excel sheets or having a lot of paperwork on their tables, it still remains difficult for you to constantly inform your manager about the clinic hours or any medical works.

Chuck these accustomed methods of time-consuming paperwork, maintaining the patient database and hassling with scheduling day to day tasks by using solution- PICKTIME.

Picktime is completely a free web-based doctor’s front office management software.

Put the bulk of the scheduling effort where it belongs: in your patient’s or manager’s hands. Instead of needing a lot of back-and-forth between you and your patients, Picktime lets you set up a scheduling page where patients can easily book one-time or recurring appointments and fill out their details—all in one place.

1. Appointment scheduling-

Set your calendar manually by adding up available time slots or sync your favorite calendar( Google / Outlook ) to pull in your existing schedule without missing your important dates. Don't fall into the confusion of double bookings or rechecking the appointment details on excel sheets or flipping through pages at your manager's desk. Keep it easy for your manager and patients for just showing the appointment details through printouts or smartphones.

2. Staff management-

Whether you work with a group of doctors or other staff, assign each of them with tasks while you sit at home or workplace by using Picktime software. Manage your team for more productivity and spend less time on labor work.

3. Resource allocation-

Locate your staff such as doctors or nurses, when they are working in different locations. Show them on our page for further bookings and keep their track while you’re away. Reduce your workload and ensure that you are running your daily/weekly schedules as smooth as butter.

4.Automated reminders-

Exhausted by no-shows and missed appointments? Minimize them by using Picktime software that sends automatic reminders through emails or SMS notifications to your registered mobile numbers about the upcoming appointments to you, your team and the patients bound to it.

5. Maintain patient database-

Often you want to recheck your patient's case and contact them for further details. You might find it uneasy with your excel sheets or turning pages of your thick books. With Picktime, you don't have to worry about losing the patient details. Contact them in the time of need while we store their database automatically for you.

Once you've defined the settings on your end, all you have to do is customize your Scheduling Page, and you're all set! You can either host your appointment booking page on a customized website on Picktime platform, add a button to your Facebook page that links to this page, or embed your entire scheduling form on your website. Picktime web-based Scheduling gives you plenty of options while keeping your experience simple and intuitive. Just sign up with PICKTIME, absolutely free of cost.

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