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Knight & Doyle Support Dementia Friends

Our team has received Dementia Friends training. We did this so our clients who are living with dementia, and their families, feel more comfortable having us in their homes. Read about our training and how we have adapted the way we work.

Carpet Cleaning That Lichfield Trusts

Providing carpet cleaning Lichfield trusts is not all about carpet cleaning. There is much more too it than buying a cleaning machine and a van. We have been carpet cleaning for over 20 years. Being successful starts with how we quote.

The Rug Cleaner Lichfield Loves

12 October 2021 14:40

Some rugs are works of art. Handmade Oriental and Persian rugs cost many thousands of pounds. Top tips, free advice and amazing results is why our clients call us the rug cleaner Lichfield loves. We are grateful and proud we are thought of in this way.

The Most Caring Carpet Cleaner In Lichfield

We prised our Marketing Manager away from the office to go out on one of the vans with Rich Doyle, and do a real carpet cleaning job. Find out how she got on, and what made her say "We must be the most caring carpet cleaner in Lichfield."

Cheap Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Misery

Cheap carpet cleaning misery can be avoided. So if you are tempted by a price that seems too good to miss, take care. Read this blog, make sure you know what pitfalls to avoid before you chose your carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Let Us Set Fire To Your Carpet

Don't try this at home. Please leave it to professional carpet cleaners like us. But we really do carry out a burn test to determine what kind of fibres your carpet is made from.

History Of Carpet Cleaning

When having a carpet in your home was exclusively for the rich. In the industrial revolution white bread and chloroform were recommended carpet cleaning ingredients, and who invented the vacuum? It was a British engineer.

Why We Clean Fine Fabrics & Others Don't

When some carpet and upholstery cleaners are asked to clean luxury furnishings they take fright and run for the hills, but not us!

Stains & pH Sensitive Fabric - What’s Occurring?

Strange things are happening when clients spill things on pH sensitive fabric. We’ve had white wine turning red overnight, and orange juice causing a pink stain. So, what is occurring?

Secrets Of Carpet Stain Removal

17 February 2021 13:31

Have you ever wondered why stains are so hard to remove from your carpets and upholstery?

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