What on Earth is a Pleached Tree?
23rd June 2017
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We found ourselves in a bit of confusion recently, but that did result in us learning something new, as confusion usually does!

We had never heard of 'pleached trees' before. Our first thought was that it was meant to say 'peached trees' but the l was accidentally placed in there. However, it turns out we were wrong and that pleached trees are definitely a thing - we had just never heard of them!

So what exactly is a pleached tree?

Pleached trees is the name given to trees which have grown straight and then the branches are tied together and clipped fo forma  flat plane above the bare trunk.

Pleaching is a technique meaning to entwine or interlace (tree branches) to form a hedge or provide cover for an outdoor walkway.

This moment of confusion came from a conversation we had with G-Scapes of Lichfield. Fortunately they were nice enough to show us an image (shown above) of some pleaching work they had done, which is quite impressive!

Perhaps this has made you think of having some pleached trees in your garden. If so, don't hesitate to call G-Scapes of Lichfield on 01543 401032.

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