What is a Backup?
29th April 2013
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I tend to come across a lot of people who think that copying their data to a memory stick or an external hard drive is a back-up.

It's not, it's just copying your data to an external hard drive or memory stick....

it's not a backup, it's just copying data...

A real back-up takes you to a snap shot in time where you can say

"At this moment in time this is what my data looked like"

Generally speaking back-ups don’t let you directly edit them you have to do a restore process to get that information back and start working on it again.

Whats wrong with just taking a Copy

The trouble is when you simply save a file to a memory stick or an external hard drive sometimes you end up editing the memory stick copy rather than the one of your computer and then you start to get into a bit of a mess about which your live copy is and which your back-up copy is and before you know it you have edited both copies and neither one of them is the latest version.

Don’t get me wrong it is good to take a copy of your data  but you need to remember that is what it is, even if you just name it 'copy' or put ‘copy’ at the start or end of the document name.

I have seen it far too often where people get into a right old mess wondering which file they last edited, and which is the 'live' and which is the 'copy'.

Don't forget...

Please also take proper back-ups of your data, there are some really cost effective remote back-up solutions out there that will only cost you a few pounds per month.

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