Want to lose weight? Then do something badly!
7th April 2017
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Nobody likes being bad at things.

We don’t like admitting to ourselves and others that we might not have all the answers and skills! So most of the time we stick to things we know, very much within our comfort zone.

But what if doing things badly could help you look and feel better?

Well, it can.

It can be hugely beneficial, especially if you’re looking to lose weight! If you’ve been on a weight loss plan for a while and you’ve hit a plateau, this might be just the trick to blast you straight through it!

It’s time you looked outside of your comfort zone and found some new activities that you’ve never tried before. The more foreign and strange to you they are, the better. It sounds counterintuitive I know, but hear me out.

You burn more calories doing something you’re inefficient at. It’s that simple. Let’s think about dancing as an example. How graceful and effortless do the pros look on Strictly Come Dancing?

Now picture Anne Widdicome.

 It’s very obvious which one was more inefficient at dancing. But, because she was inefficient, Anne burnt an absolute ton of calories every time she danced and lost a lot of weight while on Strictly.

You see, as your skill level at something improves, your body figures out the simplest, smoothest way to achieve the task. Your body want to conserve energy, so it’s going to figure out the path of least resistance- it’ll aim to do everything in as few moves as possible.

If you’re looking for maximum calories burnt, adaption like this isn’t what you need!

When you try something new, your body is confused, you throw in six extra steps and small movements for everything you do. Your body doesn’t have the motor patterns to complete the task at hand simply, so there’s a lot of energy wasted. This means more calories get burnt! Not letting your body get too adapted to the task at hand will allow this little life hack to play in your favour again and again.

So, if you’re trying to burn more calories to lose weight, don’t just stick to boring old jogging. Look around you for fun activities, classes and clubs to get involved in! Try out new ways to get your exercise done! Make it your goal to try something new every week. Not only will you be keeping the calorie burn high, but you’ll be having loads of new experiences and meeting a lot of new people. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a passion for something you’d never considered trying before!

Doing things badly might end up being the best decision you’ve made in ages!


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