Top Tips for Keeping Cold Callers at Bay
19th November 2013
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Last Thursday I received eleven calls from cold callers in one day .. believe me it's no good for the blood pressure.

Thankfully Which have brought out some top tips for getting rid of those nuisance callers, I've put them in place and I thought I'd share them with you:

  1. Register with TPS (Telephone Preference Service) for FREE by calling 0845 070 0707 or go to the TPS website, Note: this won't stop scams or calls from companies where you have opted in. Register with MPS (Mail Preference Scheme) to help prevent junk mail. You should never have to pay for TPS or MPS.
  2. Go Ex Directory - ask for your phone number to be excluded from directories â this will stop companies from finding out your number in this way.
  3. Don't put your name on Sales Lists - the Data Protection Act prevents companies from calling you for marketing purposes if you've asked them not to. Carefully check marketing 'opt out/opt in' boxes and contact companies you already receive unwanted sales calls from to ask to be removed from their call lists.
  4. Screen your phone calls - use caller display and have an answer machine. BT customers can use the Privacy at Home service.
  5. Set up call barring for unwanted calls. You may also wish to block calls from withheld numbers, though this may prevent some calls you want to receive.
  6. Consider using a call blocking service e.g. CPR Call Blocker and TrueCall Call Blocker.

If you're fed up with cold callers, rest assured there is help out there to stop them.

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