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18th May 2015
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I was having problems with my Tesco mobile in that I was having problems as a user and needed to change the unit.  I went online and found that with the contract I had I would have to pay £89-£127 to change or upgrade my phone.  I was aware that there is a Tesco Mobile Shop in the large Tesco Extra store on Church Street in Lichfield so I decided it would be easier to visit them and discuss my needs.  I went to the store and was welcomed by Tony who brought up my account on his computer.  I said I understood that I would have to pay to change the phone and Tony suggested I buy the phone I wanted.  It was £49.50.  So this is what I did and Tony installed the sim and made sure all my contacts were on the new phone.  So 15 minutes after arriving at Tesco I was leaving the shop with my new phone all ready to go!  Very impressive and stress free service.   This was so much easier than going online, going through the options and then having to wait for a phone.  I would highly recommend the Tesco Phone Shop. Tesco Extra, Church Street, Lichfield. WS13 6DZ.  Tel: 0845 0269566.

When I arrived home with my new phone Beryl was already on the vodka bottle and was not listening when I was telling her about my experience at Tesco Mobile.  I decided to take my new phone and Tiddles upstairs and sit at my desk and write a story.  I refuse to get a computer and am still using a typewriter.  I love to sit up at night writing my stories and my psyche is soothed by the clacking of the keys.  Tiddles likes it too and brings her Salter scales bowl into my office and gets herself curled up in it while I type.  We’re inseparable really unlike me and Beryl who is usually in bed snoring after having drunk a whole bottle of vodka and four bottles of tonic.  When I make a mistake with my typing Tiddles holds the Tippex sheet in front of the letter so I can erase it and type over it with the correct letter.  It’s all good stuff you know.  Then Tiddles will proof read my stories and give me a paw up or paw down depending on whether it has amused her or not.  I remember years ago when I pushed the return handle on my typewriter the whole wheel flew off and landed in the fish tank.  It was only a matter of getting the weeds and fish out of the roller, drying it and putting it back in place.  The screws must have been loose for it to fly off like that.  I commented to Beryl that it’s not good to have a screw loose, she burped in reply.  Ah well, that’s life.

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