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23rd June 2020
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Spending more time at home the past few months has made me take another look at our Home Furnishings.

They didn’t look that tired before lockdown, did they? Or is it we have spent more time looking at them the last 14 weeks?

With the easing of restrictions, it has given us the chance to contact local suppliers to find out just what they can offer us.

We are certainly not fashionista’s when it comes to home furnishings and when we buy a big ticket item, we buy it to last.

The same applies to curtains and blinds, if you like to change your look every 6 months then you need to buy whenever you see a bargain, but if you want something to last and still look good for many years to come, then you need to consider how much you are going to get for your money.


I have a very close friend who when she is considering a new item of clothing, she will work out the price per wear. If it is a cashmere winter coat, she will work out how many days she will wear it and how many seasons she can get out of it. You get my point?

Once you start looking for ideas you get bombarded with ads mainly from companies not even in this country! All the images look fabulous, but and it is a big but, would they suit your type of window? There is so much choice so to help you narrow it down why not have a chat with someone who has been in the business for many years.

If you want to make a statement in your home with your windows why not call in the local experts who can advise you on the quality of the materials, which are all hand-sewn, measure your windows correctly and most importantly be there should anything go wrong.

To help you make your decision easier contact the team at Interior Choice on 01543 406162 who would be more than happy to visit and advise you so you can make informed choices. If you would prefer, they are happy to discuss over the phone and can even provide contactless samples. (That is a sentence I did not think I would be saying back in March!)

In July you will receive 25% off your order (excludes fitting charges) and they will give you a 3 year guarantee.

What are you waiting for call 01543 406162 today.

Don’t forget to tell them I sent you.

#BuyLocal you know it makes sense.

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