The Still Point Exhibition – Graham Burquest
26th April 2015
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The Still Point Exhibitions explore both man’s relationship within the land and how we have forged and created the landscape we see today together with intricate drawings of the statues on the west façade of Lichfield Cathedral. 


This body of work explores man’s relationship within the land and how we have forged and created the landscape we see today.  Hedge rows, crumbled walls and farm ruins; seeing a fragment, a now vanished moment. Absence. 

These captivating paintings and drawings of rural landscape have an earthy, quiet, timeless quality with exquisite detail inviting the viewer to step in and explore the ancient, musty buildings and enduring landscapes. 

Exhibition at: Emporium Art Gallery 32 Bird St, Lichfield WS13 6PR 

Lichfield Cathedral 

Graham Burquest created his intricate drawings exhibited within the cathedral through the layering of marks in graphite. Time spent studying and recording each statue in great detail and creating art from art provided opportunity to reflect and consider; 

"The statues on the west façade of the Cathedral have the enduring appeal of the apostles; spiritual, reflective and compassionate. They   have an aura of having been and seen, a kind of presence of knowingness." 

The large detailed, expressive drawings bring the statues closer to the viewer inviting a new awareness of the craft and skill involved in their creation so long ago. 

Exhibition at: Lichfield Cathedral WS13 7LD 

The exhibitions will run from 21 April - 9 May 2015.
If you would like to meet the artist, Graham will be visiting the gallery between 3-6pm on Saturday 2nd May 2015 to discuss his inspirations and artistic techniques.
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