The Secret to a Beautifully Decorated Christmas Tree
9th December 2014
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Whether you're ready for Christmas or not , it really is time to get festive!!!  Here are some great tips on how to decorate your tree. 

Tip 1:  Choose Your Tree

Select the right tree.  Whether you go for a real tree, artificial tree or a pre-lit tree, make sure it's symmetrical and you shape the branches well.  Also take into account your room size, you don't want something that is too big in a small room or vice versa.

Tip 2: Put The Lights On

Hanging Christmas tree lights can be labour intensive but if you do it right, your tree will look amazing.  Add lights from top to bottom and space them evenly. Don't add decorations or ornaments until you've checked all of the lights work. 

Tip 3: Adding tinsel

There's no right or wrong way to add tinsel, just have fun draping it over the branches. 

Tip 4: Add a Topper

Star, Angel, Pretty Bow, Fairy or other, every tree needs a standout piece.  Consider your theme before choosing something eye catching. 

Tip 5: Add Your Decorations

Decorations and ornaments are delicate but easily moved.  Work from top to bottom distributing them evenly.  Place some on the inside of the tree to add depth.  If you have pets or small children, consider putting precious items nearer the top of the tree where they can't easily be pulled down. 

Now sit back, have some mulled wine and relax.

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