The Many Reasons Why You Should Smile
19th February 2016
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While smiling is one of the many things we do without thinking about it (unless you’re trying to pose for a picture), it has some surprising benefits…

Smiling is contagious!

When someone else smiles, you can’t help but smile back, right? Unless you’re in the worst of moods, but other than that, it’s natural to smile back. Why is this exactly? Well, this is where it gets a little scientific…

Studies suggest that just seeing a person smile activates the area of your brain that controls your facial movement. This occurs when you see someone smiling, so you can’t help but smile back.

Smiling Is Good For Your Health!

Smiling has been proven to help with managing stress and anxiety. Smiling releases endorphins, chemicals which make you happier. It also just helps to smile whenever you feel tense. It’s understood that it’s not always easy to smile in certain situations, but if you manage to smile, even just a little bit, it will make you feel better.

Another interesting health benefit to smiling is that it helps strengthen your immune system. It sounds bizarre, but it’s true! A study found that smiling makes your immune system stronger by making your body produce white blood cells to help fight illnesses. So next time you feel ill, smile as much as possible!

Smiling Makes You Look Better!

Who would you rather talk to? The person with the frown or the person with the smile? Kind of obvious, really. If you want to be more approachable, smiling is the answer. People are more likely to socially engage with someone who is smiling. Smiling is inviting and will make people feel comfortable talking to you.

If you’re the more quiet type and struggle to socialise, smiling will help put you at ease. Sometimes a smile is all you need to make you feel more comfortable.

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Remember to keep on smiling!



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