The Importance of #BuyLocal in Lichfield
14th September 2021
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We have some great businesses in Lichfield that offer outstanding customer service and great value for money … but do you buy from them, or do you prefer to shop in large supermarkets and stores?

Mercia Food Hub is an award-winning weekly online farmers market where you can purchase fresh meat and vegetables, ready meals, non-food items, vegetarian food, gluten free products and more all from a pickup point in Lichfield on a weekly basis. 

Simply login to the user-friendly website to see the variety of products available, all from local businesses, then fill your basket - a great chance for you, as the customer, to buy great food and know exactly where it has come from. 

But why is it important to #BuyLocal?  Here are some great reasons why you should do your shopping with Mercia Food Hub and other local, independent stores:

  • You will support the local economy - You will be helping your local economy which in turn will help create jobs and other local trades.
  • Your spending will boost the economy - Research on spending by local authorities shows that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business 63p stayed in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business.
  • You will help the environment – as you won’t be travelling as far.
  • It is the ethical choice – you will be buying fruits, vegetables and meats that are locally sourced, full of nutrients and have had a shorter fork to field journey.
  • Great deals – local businesses have some fantastic special offers and deals - you don’t always get the best on the Internet.
  • Personal touch – local business owners give customers their full attention and personal service.  They have good knowledge of their products and services and are always happy to help.
  • Create more jobs – small businesses are the largest employers … nationally.
  • Invest in the Community – Local businesses are owned by local people and are therefore less likely to leave, they are more invested in the future of the community.
  • They give back – local businesses often support local charities
  • Products are unique – gift shops sell items that are made locally, this means you are unlikely to find the same thing anywhere else.

Buying local is easy! Give it a go and support the local economy of Lichfield.

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