The Green Green Grass of Beacon Park
13th June 2016
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For those of you who missed it Tom Jones (yes really) played to a capacity crowd in Lichfield’s Beacon Park in the biggest marquee I have ever seen. He’s lost none of his charm and he can certainly belt it out as good as he could in his younger years.

His band were amazing and the audience enthusiastic as they joined in to his well-known songs Delilah being a particular favourite.

The organising company TinyCOW events took on a huge task and they have certainly put Lichfield on the map.

“We want more” was not only shouted at Sir Tom last night it has been echoed all over social media today as the Lichfield public have spoken, they want to see more of these fantastic events brought to our city.

With more events like these it can only help our local economy thrive and as you know we love to Buy Local!

Let’s work together to bring more great events and people to our wonderful city.

To quote the man himself ‘Oh Yes’.

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