Ten Tips on How to Beat the January Blues
6th January 2015
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Have you put weight on over Christmas?  Are your trousers feeling a little tighter than they were? Has your credit card taken a real dent? 

Lots of people begin the New Year with a dose of the blues whether it’s to do with money, relationships, weight gain, family tension or other.  Well chin up … you can get over it.

Get out and about – go out for a walk and breathe in some fresh air.  Walking offers both health and social benefits.  Why not consider joining your local ramblers association?

Give your body a boost – if you’ve eaten too much and drank too much, you’re bound to be feeling sluggish. Massage and Beauty Therapy can invigorate and motivate. Obsession Salon and Spa and D Hair and Beauty Box in Lichfield both provide beauty therapy of the highest standard and offer affordable treatments in a comfortable safe environment.

Shape Up – whether you want a six pack or just an overall feeling of being fitter and healthier, joining a gym or taking up some regular exercise will work wonders.   Viva Livin offer personal training camps and provide excellent advice on “eating clean” and “moving functionally”. JC Academy specialise in providing sporting activities to individuals of all ages. If you are interested in sport and looking for way to improve your health and fitness, see what both of these companies have to offer.

Laugh a Lot – They say laughter is the best medicine, so book tickets to see some great shows at The Lichfield Garrick Theatre.

Declutter and Get Organised - Clutter appears to be so much worse after Christmas. Have a look around and consider whether you do really need everything you have. Do you wear all of the clothes in your wardrobe? Do your children play with every toy? If you need an extra pair of hands then contact Pam at Mission Accomplished to help you decide what to keep and what to chuck!

 Maybe you need some administrative or organisational support in your business? TAO Business Solutions offers that extra pair of hands giving you time to run your company.

Eat Healthier – stock up your cupboards on fresh, real food instead of microwave and processed meals – go on give it a try, your body will be so grateful. Packington Moor Farm Shop has a well stocked farm shop packed with seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and meat.

Be thankful for what you have –throw your energy in to helping people worse off than you?  It’s easy to see the negatives in life and forget what you have.  If you are finding it particularly difficult to cope, Paul Friend Hypnotherapy is a local hypnotherapist in Lichfield who can help you overcome fears, stress and anxiety through safe and effective hypnosis.  Give him a call to arrange a consultation.

Talk and Make New Friends – chatting about how you feel really does help.  Why not consider joining a new club or get around to visiting friends you haven’t seen in a long while.  There are plenty of events going on in Lichfield for you to join in and enjoy yourself.

Set yourself new challenges – New Year is the time to set achievable resolutions.  Maybe you want to give up smoking, lose some weight, get a new job or even set up your own business. Paul Friend Hypnotherapy can help you gain control of your life. 

Deal with Debt – don’t hide bills in the kitchen drawer, deal with your debts.  Talk through any issues with Citizens Advice Bureau. 

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