Sunday Night in Lichfield
4th November 2009
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Last week I was wondering what we could do to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. It's not a nice round number that gives you the excuse to scoot off to Paris or somewhere equally romantic, it was a Sunday night which doesn't allow for a great choice of restauants in Lichfield and obviously there's the babysitter to consider, so going further afield was out of the question.

A lucky set of restrictions as it happens because there is somewhere in Lichfield that is keeping Sunday nights full of excitement and energy....

We went to see a live band called Mabon at The Guild Hall, another fantastic band brought to us by the tireless organisers of Lichfield Arts. They were brilliant. I'm not a critic or reviewer so I'll probably show my complete ignorance of genres and music types here but I think they were a celtic  inspired band with lots of high energy celeidh type music.

Whatever, the musicianship was superb and the audience loved them. It was a novel way to spend a wedding anniversary and great fun.

So come Sunday, if you're at a loose end and wondering what's on in Lichfield, check out who's on at the Guild Hall. You won't regret it.


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