Stowe Pool wildfowl islands
6th March 2012
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In February, Lichfield District Council’s park rangers, Rob Taylor and Richard Edwards, dressed four floating platforms on Stowe Pool.


Setting sail in their boat, the rangers built up the islands using recycled materials, including willow cuttings, dogwood and dry grasses.


Refreshing the wildfowl islands takes place at this time each year, so they are ready for the birds to build their nests on them later in the spring.


Councillor Val Richards, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure Services, said: “The islands are popular with birds each year, attracting various species of wildfowl, including swans, moorhens, coots and grebes, among others, which use them to keep their nests safe, away from the shore. We’re especially hoping the swans will use them once more and that they have successful nesting season.”


The park rangers will monitor the wildfowl islands throughout the year.

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