2nd November 2015
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Often one of many reasons that we have pain in our muscles is due to over activity in the muscles leaving them tense and feeling tight.  This could be related to sustained postures we sit or stand all day, repetitive work issues and of course the demands from intense sport and activity.   Massage aims to reduce this tension which will lead to a reduction in pain and ultimately free up joints and soft tissues so that we move better with less pain.

Tips for a good massage:

  1. Talk to your massage therapist:  They will ask you some questions to ascertain the problem and how much pain you are in, be as accurate as you can.  
  2. Depth and Intensity of the Massage:  It is important to talk about the intensity and depth of the massage. Everyone is different and needs vary from one person to another.   We will use our knowledge and assessment to clinically reason the type of massage and techniques that we think will benefit you most, however,  IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT to let your therapist know If it is too intense or deep  or equally you would like it a bit deeper.  Our aim is to reduce pain, make you feel better and allow you  to move better.

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