Socialise your Puppy and Establish Good Behaviour
24th August 2014
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If you've got a new puppy, it is very important that you establish good behaviour right from the start.  A puppy that is not socialised may become aggressive, bite and be afraid of strangers in the future.

Attending Puppy Socialisation Classes is one of the best things you can do for new best friend giving him/her the chance to get to know other animals, experience new sounds and meet new people in order for them not to fear things later in life.

Pool House Veterinary Hospital in Lichfield is starting puppy socialisation classes tomorrow (25th August 2014) and every Monday evening from 8pm to 9pm - and a maximum of 6 puppies are invited.

Puppies must have had their primary vaccination in order to attend.

The socialisation classes are held on a three week rolling schedule, which means they can introduce new puppies continually.

Puppy Socialisation Classes involve meeting and having pleasant encounters with many adults, children and other dogs (puppies) during this sensitive period of their lives to enable them to continue into adulthood.

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