Should you have filed a P11D for you or your employees?
6th July 2011
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Should you have filed a P11D for you or your employees?

Any employer who provides benefits to employees or reimburses business expenses should have filed P11Ds and a P11D(b) return by 6 July 2011.

A common misperception is that P11Ds are only required if benefits are provided to staff -this is rarely the case!

Unless you have a dispensation a P11D(b) and P11Ds should still have been filed if you or your staff have spent your own money on business expenses such as travel costs and have been reimbursed by the business.

Failure to file a P11D(b) return can be a costly error as the penalties can accrue at £100 per month as long as they remain unfiled!

Any Class 1A National Insurance arising from these returns is due to be paid by 19th July (22nd July if paid electronically). Don't forget to make the payment or you will be charged interest and if you fail to settle the bill by 30 August there will be an additional 5% penalty!

Contact Leon Stephens at Brookes Stephens on 01543 401027 if you are concerned you may have missed the filing deadline and need help!

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