Seven Top Tips for finding a Driving Instructor
16th October 2013
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Whether you are considering buying Driving Lessons for your child for Christmas, or you want to learn yourself, there are so many things to consider when choosing a driving instructor:

  1. Do you like the instructor? Having a good relationship with the person who's teaching you to drive will really help your driving as you'll enjoy your lessons.
  2. Is your instructor qualified and taken their final exams? If they are DSA approved they should have a badge on their windscreen.
  3. Make sure that what you pay for, will be what you get. If a driving school promotes 1 hour lessons, make sure you get an hour and not three quarters of an hour.
  4. A good driving instructor will ensure you spend a lot of time driving and not as much time sitting by the side of the road discussing manoeuvres
  5. A good driving instructor will not make you feel useless or shout at you.
  6. You should never have to sign up for lots of lessons
  7. Ensure the car looks clean and well maintained Andy's Driving School in Lichfield has a high pass rate and offers good rates.

Wanting you to pass your driving test with confidence, Andy has a reputation for his friendly, re-assuring attitude and he is very experienced.

Visit Andy's Driving School website to find out more - Andy has so many excellent testimonials and comes highly recommended by local people in Lichfield.

Andys Driving School - popular Driving Instructor covering Lichfield and Burton

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