Santa's Tour of Lichfield Continues .....
10th December 2013
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Santa and his merry band of helpers will be touring the streets of Lichfield and surrounding areas, spreading festive cheer and raising money for local good causes.

Remember - the bigger the wave, the bigger the present!

See below Santa's tour from 12th to 23rd of December between 6:30pm and 9:00pm:

Thursday 12th December (Shorebutts Lane/Birmingham Rd)

Shortbutts Lane
The Paddock
Byron Avenue
Wordsworth Close
Shortbutts Lane
Trafalgar Way
Nelson close
Shortbutts lane
The Hedgerows
Shortbutts lane
Birmingham Road
Essington Close
Birmingham Road
Chesterfield Road
Redlock Fields
Deans Slade Drive
Birmingham Road
Foxglove close
Falkland Road
Agincourt Road

Friday 13th December - Eastern Avenue

Samuel Close
Eastern Avenue
York Close
Canterbury Close
Chester Close
Lincoln Close
Winchester Close
Salisbury Close
Eastern Avenue
Norwich Close
Southwark Close
Eastern Avenue
Worcester Close
Gloucester close
Truro Close
Eastern Avenue
Curborough Road
St Mary's Road
St Helen's Road
St Anne's Road
St Margaret's Road
St Catherine's Road
Meadowbrook Road
Field Road
Barns Close
Ploughmans walk
Shepherds Close
Jackson Road
Simpson Road
Harwood Road

Saturday 14th December - Whittington

Santa will be visiting all of the streets of Whittington

Sunday 15th December - Longdon & Kings Bromley

Santa will be visiting Longdon and Kings Bromley

Monday 16th December - Boley Park (Roman Way)

Cornfield Drive
Millfield Close
Netherbridge Avenue
Burton Old Road East
Maybank Close
Lambourne Close
Yew Tree Avenue
Gorsty Bank
Lewis Close
Abbottsford Road
Bloomsbury Way
Havefield Avenue
Romilly Close
Cranleigh Way
Lawford Avenue
Sunbury Avenue
Ascot Close
Goodwood Close
Epsom Close
Carmichael Close
Henderson Close
Hawkesmoor Drive
Blackthorne Road
Bluebird Close

Tuesday 17th December - Boley Park (Broad Lane)

Grosvenor Close
Balmoral Close
Broad Lane
Richmond Drive
Coltman Close
Flinn Close
Baskeyfield Close
Pentire Road
Broadlands Rise
Newlyn Close
Manor Rise
Trenance Close
The Brambles
Hollywell Rise
Tregony Rise
Mawgan Drive

Wednesday 18th December - Boley Park/Streethay

Tudor Close
Gable Croft
Sheriffs Close
Warren Close
Keepers Close
Rykneld Street
Curlew Close
Birchwood Road
Alder Close
Park End
Larch Close
Wollowsmere Drive
Cedar Close
Walnut Grove
The Pines
Maple Grove

Burton Road
Meadow croft
Holland Close
Burton old Road
Rayson Close
Burton Old Road
Dyott Close
Burton Old Road
Bexmore Drive
Bailley Close
Ash Tree Lane

Thursday 19th December - Beacon Street/Gaia Lane

Beacon Gardens
Forge Lane
Smithy Lane
Beacon street
Nether Beacon
Hillcrest Drive
Beacon Fields
Lillington Close
Swinfen Broun Road
Jordan Close
Seckham Rd
Erasmus Way
Anson Avenue
Price Rupert Mews
Little Barrow Walk
Brook Close
Darwin Close
The Windings
Lomax Close
Beechcroft Avenue
Vale Close
Gaiafields Road
Gaialands Crescent
The Charters
Bulldog Lane
Gaia Lane
The Parchments
Gaia Lane
Cathedral Rise
Gaia Lane
Beacon Street

Friday 20th December - Darwin Park Estate

Sainte Foy Avenue
Burwaye Close
Deykin Road
Allington Avenue
Lawrence Way
Newbold Close
The Whytmore
Sainte Foy Avenue
Whitehouse Drive
Harman Drive
Whitehouse Drive
Caterbanck Way
Broadbent Close
Colling Drive
Maddock Walk
Blakeman Way
Trunkfield Meadow
Blakeman Way
Thropp Close
Blakeman way
Deykin Road
Ellsmore Meadow
Sandfield Meadow
Bains Drive
Parnell Avenue
Boathouse Field
Maxtock Avenue

Saturday 21st December - Fradley

Santa will visit all of the streets in Fradley.

Sunday 22nd December - Stonnall

Santas will be visiting Stonnall

Monday 23rd December - Tamworth Rd/Borrowcop Lane

Tamworth Road
Cricket Lane
London Road
Cromwells Meadow
Long Bridge Road
London Road
Tamworth Road
Laburnum Court
Gledhill Park
Tamworth Road
Quarry Hills Road
Borrowcop Lane
Upper St Johns Street

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