Running in the Lichfield 10km this weekend?
8th September 2016
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Some wise words from the team at Sports Medicine Partners to help you get the most of your 10km experience.

1. Warm up – Do spend 5-10 minutes doing some gentle jogging to gradually allow your heart rate to come up and allow the body to get accustomed to what it is about to do. Also do some active range of movements of the arms and the hip and knee joints. Swinging each leg back and forth, small mini squats and a few calf raises will all help getting your body ready for the activity ahead. Leave the static stretching for the end of the race.

2. Do not set off too fast – The first part of the course is flat and downhill so it is very tempting to set off too fast without realising it and when you hit that hill around 6km you will really start to suffer. This year there are going to be pacers on the course so if you are aiming for a specific time do use the pacers.

3. Uphill Running: aim to keep your cadence (the amount of strides you do per minute) the same going up the hill, this may feel like you need to shorten your stride length a little but it will make the hill easier to climb.

4. Warm down and Stretch - At the end of the run make sure you put some warm clothes on or change sweaty clothes quickly to avoid getting chilled. Then when nice and warm spend 10 minutes doing some static stretching of the main muscle groups. The quadriceps the gluteals hamstrings and calfs in particular. This will definitely help to ease off any post race discomfort the following day.

5. Most important is to have fun and enjoy it!

If you have any questions for the physiotherapy team at Sports Medicine just give them a ring on 01543 401031.

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