Put your chewing gum in the bin or face a penalty of up to £80
18th March 2015
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In a bid to smarten up the City, Lichfield District Council has teamed up with Street Smart Cleansing, a street cleansing company, to remove used chewing gum and the oily stains it leaves behind from the pavements. 

The intensive deep cleaning treatment eliminates the gum without damaging the pavements. 

Councillor Andy Smith, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure & Parks, said: “It is great that our city centre pavements will soon be free of old gum and grime. I know local residents and visitors to the city want to have a clean environment and I hope we can continue to keep the streets clean by encouraging everyone to put all litter, especially chewed gum, in the bin.” 

The team will return to the city streets later this month to give the paving slabs one final scrub.  

The council is also taking the opportunity to remind everyone that littering is an offence and anyone caught in the act can face a fixed penalty notice of up to £80.

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