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2nd February 2011
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Neil Weyham from Cathedral Chem Dry of Lichfield likes to give something back to the community by giving talks to local clubs and societies on ammusing stories of his trade.

All the funds Neil raise's go to the local St Giles hospice.

Last year he did 8 talks and already this year having done 1 last week has a further 4 in his diary.


His talk is entitled "cleaned, court & bowled". It is largely about amusing incidents and events that have occured over the years within his business.


He as a naked lady story, a haunted house story and a thick premier league footballer story. working at ladbrokes at West Brom he as a nice betting anecdote and sitting once a fortnight as a magistrate some amusing court stories


To attend the talk is free and it normally lasts around 45 mins and for this all he asks for is a small donation to the hospice.


Would you like to listen to Neils talk or prehaps invite him to your club to do a talk? or would just like to support a very nice person who likes to help the local community by using Cathedral Chem Dry the next time you need a cleaning service, he may even tell you some of the stories.


Just to wet your apetite, a true story that hapened last october. one evening the business phone went at 11.00pm. needless to say I was in the land of nod, my immediate thought being 'who the dickens is that calling at this god unearthly hour' the following morning i checked the answer machine which was duely flashing away. the message read as follows. my name is Halstead and could you please call me back on the following number. I wont give you the number but it was the longest number I've ever come across about 16 or 17 digits, at first i thought it may be a wind up but I decided to make contact.


Mr Halstead answered the call and explained that they were moving to just outside Lichfield (Shenstone wood end to be exact) and could I give him an idea of cleaning various carpets, this I did. Needless to say my curiousity was running high and at the end of the phone call I enquired where have I been calling.............oh Melbourne Australia !!!!!!! wow how the hell have you got our number...... the reply THE INTERNET.


The moral of the story, you never know where the next phone call is coming from.


By the way they eventually had the carpets cleaned in November and I got my mopney back for the phone call.

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