Picnic on a train
19th July 2017
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I’m not sure about you, but I don’t seem to be able to manage a train journey of more than an hour without an abundant supply of treats and snacks.  So for our recent journey to Brighton, lasting about 4 hours, I needed to gather some serious supplies.

My first stop was at Manor Farm Fruits, they have a small farm shop as well as their fruit and asparagus for sale. They stock my favourite crisps so I bought a couple of packets of those and a punnet of raspberries (which I later decided were a bit too delicate for train snacking, and so froze them instead).  Next off to Packington Moor Farm Shop, where I had to contain my natural urge to buy everything in the deli section that looks good! I managed to limit myself to just two items each, one of which had to be scotch eggs of course, along with a mini frittata each.

I always feel I have to include some fruit, it makes me feel better about the indulgent snacks, so Friday’s choice was a juicy pear each.  

Needless to say we had eaten the majority in the first hour and spent the rest of the journey in a gorged stupor.

My niece ended up with our raspberry liquorice, which she proclaimed was even tastier than her usual strawberry laces and I've been ordered to get some in for her next visit.

All round a very successful train picnic for all.

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