New Sculpture Displayed at the Lichfield Garrick
28th September 2016
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Calumet the Peace-Pipe by Don Ratcliffe is the latest sculpture to be displayed on Plinth 1 in the Lichfield Garrick's Box Office as part of the continuing Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC exhibition in conjunction with the theatre. 

Made from ancient cedar root discovered in Newnham on Severn, Don has painstakingly carved and sculpted the root to form the masterful piece of art.  

Tim Ford, Artistic Director at the Lichfield Garrick, said: “Caulmet the Peace-Pipe is a wonderful new addition to our Box Office. The Sculpture and Art Foundation are bringing the very best work by local and nation artists into Lichfield and we are proud to support this.”

Don studied sculpture with John Wilkes, later doing an apprenticeship in Germany to become an art therapist. He worked as an art therapist at Park Attwood Clinic near Bewdley for 25 years. 

Don received his first major sculpture commission in 2007 from the Arnold Freeman College in Sheffield and created The Student’s Journey, seven pieces using seven different woods. In 2011 he had a solo exhibition, Beneath the Surface, at Brantwood on Lake Coniston. He became an Associate of the RBSA in 2012 and a full Member in 2014.

Talking about his work, Don Ratcliff commented: “I try to imagine how forms I see in nature are created out of movement. I am constantly in awe of what I discover. I work with wood, often root wood, engaging with the flowing life beneath its gnarled surface. Knots, cracks, and bark create contrast. To begin with I may have a theme that I want to explore but I cannot make a plan. A conversation develops with that particular piece of wood. I have to trust in the process.”

The Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC are a not for profit fine art organisation whose aim is to increase access, participation and understanding of the fine art forms.

The organisation coordinates the City of Sculpture Project and the Lichfield Sculpture Trail alongside working on many projects over the past 10 years around the area. Launched in July 2016, Plinth 1 is the first of a number of new means of accessing the arts locally.

Kathryn Walker, FRAI Sculpture and Art Foundation, said: “The Sculpture and Art Foundation are delighted to be at the Garrick Theatre, bringing international sculptors and artists to the city. Increasing access and opportunities to engage with art of the highest quality in the place the live and work.”

Calumet is the second piece of work to be displayed on Plinth 1, following Ariel by Viv Astling. Don’s sculpture will be on display in the Lichfield Garrick’s Box Office until November 2016. 

For more information about the Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC visit


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