Moth recording mornings at Beacon Park Lichfield
15th May 2011
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Ruth Witczak, Beacon Park’s Community and Education Officer, is starting monthly Moth Recording Mornings at Beacon Park on the third Thursday of every month.

Running from May to September, and launching on Thursday 19 May at 8.30am, the morning events will involve identifying all the moths that have been caught in traps left overnight at the Lichfield city park. 

Ruth said: “Moths are fascinating insects. Some can smell one another from more than five kilometres away. They also have some of the best names in the animal kingdom, such as True Lover’s Knot, Timothy Tortrix, Garden Pebble and Setaceous Hebrew Character. 

“It will be interesting to discover the types of moths that live in the park, and we’ll be sending our records to the county recorder, so scientists can track any changes in populations over time.”  

Before setting off to the park, anyone who wants to come to the recording events can check that enough moths have been caught overnight by telephoning 07931891086 from 8am on the day. 

All the moths will be released after the events.  

To find out more, please contact Ruth Witczak, Beacon Park’s Community and Education Officer, on 01543 308869 or email


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