Little Wonders
6th September 2011
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Found this lovely little bag on sale, what a treat and an inspiration!

The rich jewelled colour and lines of the pleated shimmering satin fabric, twinned with the gloss finish jade tone of the fastening just flooded my mind with thoughts of rich luxury within an understated, chic, elegant space, velvets and satins - harking back to the hollywood glamour of the 40's and 50's.

Dress it up with more rich colours, sumptuous patterns and fabrics or tone it down with calming neutrals and natural woods.

You can glean inspiration from all sorts of places, if you have a favourite something you love and aren't sure how it translates into or will incorporate into your space, give us a call we may just be able to help x

For more information contact Katy on 01543 401042 Love Me Interiors as featured on thebestoflichfield.

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