Is there anything we can do to be more environmentally friendly?
4th March 2019
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The recent unseasonably warm weather started me thinking about the environment, and ways that I might be able to reduce my impact. I realised that there are lots of things we can all do, not only to reduce our negative impact, but better still, to have a positive effect locally.

Reducing plastic waste has been in the news a lot recently, the scary fact is that the average household in the UK uses 480 plastic bottles a year. What about buying everyone in your household a water bottle? The Kitchen Shop, in Lichfield sell lots of different types, including ones with their own little water filter inside. 

And staying on the plastic theme, whilst you are buying your water bottle why not purchase some containers for lunches and leftovers? Take sandwiches to work? There is an alternative to cling wrap, if you haven’t heard of beeswax then speak to Ruth at Hunnypot Cottage and she will tell you all about the ways you can use them. She makes, and sells, several different sizes (I think I own at least one of each), they are easy to use and have definitely helped my family use a lot less plastic bags and wrap.

I am a huge advocate of eating seasonally, but the supermarkets are stocked with the same fruit and vegetables regardless of the month; so to help you get back in touch with the seasons pop to your local farm shop and reconnect with what is actually good and fresh at the minute. Bradshaw's Farm Shop have a great selection of local fruit and veg, along with meats reared on their own farm, again reducing your carbon footprint by buying foods that haven’t been shipped thousands of miles to get to you.

And what if you enjoy a tipple at the weekend, surely it’s not possible to buy local wine? Yes it is! Clive's Wines made by Clive unsurprisingly, is not only produced locally but is made using local fruit, I think that almost makes his wine part of your 5 a day! Available from the The Cheese, Gin & Ale Barn, at Curborough and if Beer is more to your tastebuds they have a great selection of local beers, oh and they sell gin and cheese to.

There are so many ways that we can support our local farmers, growers, bakers and makers to keep our local industry and high street alive. And if you need to find an alternative to the one-stop-shop that we have all become accustomed to then take a look at th Mercia Food Hub, this is an online market where local supplies (including some I’ve already mentioned) can sell their produce under one ‘hub’ making it even easier for you to shop locally.

So I urge you, next time before you take a trip to the big chain supermarket, have a think about ways that you can support your local suppliers and reduce your impact on the environment at the same time.

Wendy Hill is a nutrition and wellness adviser who has a passion for eating seasonally and supporting local farms and businesses.

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