I love being a travel Counsellor.
4th October 2017
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At times I don't think people quite understand what I do for a living and what makes Travel Counsellors unique.

People often ask why should they book with me, a Travel Counsellor and not the internet or on the High street. My reply is always the same.....Because I care and I am there 24/7 and of course the fact we fully financially protect every penny of your hard earned cash, no ifs no buts !

This last.. 48 hours has proved without a shadow of doubt that I work alongside the best colleagues with the best technology in the industry.
The support from our fantastic Crisis Team at Head Office was as usual outstanding. Everyone worked tirelessly over the weekend and yesterday to keep us TCs, and clients, informed about the imminent collapse. We were alerted at 4.04am and our contingency plans put into action immediately. That meant our clients were rebooked, well before the High Street and call centres were open and before prices increased.

Travel Counsellors is an amazing organisation to work for and when the going gets tough we really pull out all the stops to ensure clients are sorted immediately.

PLEASE think twice before you book your next holiday, don't put yourself and your money at risk

If anyone is stuck or worried about their Monarch holiday, then I am more than happy to offer advice where I can. In tough times like this, its nice to be able to offer help where possible.

With us it's personal.....

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