How Would Self Storage Benefit your Lichfield Business?
29th October 2021
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Whether you are running out of office space or relocating your business and need somewhere to store your equipment on a short or long term basis, self-storage has become a popular solution. 

A craze that began in America, many homeowners and businesses in the UK are now using storage units to help improve their personal or working life. 

So how can self-storage benefit your business? 

Extra Space – If you are drowning in documents and files that you need to keep on a long-term basis, renting a storage unit frees up space in your company making way for new equipment or a new member of staff. 

Safe and Secure – self storage units are very secure and have the highest level of security including CCTV and alarm systems – great for anyone wishing to store tools and equipment! 

Improve productivity – decluttering reduces stress, helps us get organised and makes us more efficient.  In business there are many documents you need to keep long term – but do they really need to be kept in your office?  

Flexibility – self storage units often come in several sizes and have seven day access so if you need to get to something urgently you can! 

Storage Space when you need It!  - If life throws you an unexpected dilemma and you need extra storage, self-storage units are often available instantly and you may not be tied into a contract. 

Cost Effective – renting a self storage unit does cost money but it would cost much less than purchasing new premises, building an extension to your business or relocating. 

If you have never used self-storage before and are looking for self-storage in Lichfield, check out SureStore, they offer flexible and secure storage solutions and are providing storage for many local businesses.

Why not contact the team for a show around? 01543 401351

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